France V Morocco Live: Second World Cup 2022 Semi-Final Against One Another

In a rematch of their 1998 World Cup semi-final, France will once again face off against Morocco. This time, however, the two teams are in very different positions. France is coming in as one of the tournament favourites, with a star-studded squad and a young, talented team.

Conversely, Morocco is an experienced side that narrowly missed out on qualifying for the knockout stage. Despite this, they will be looking to upset the French and make it to their first-ever World Cup final. The critical battle in this match will be between France’s technical prowess and Morocco’s experience.

Watch France V Morocco Live

France has some of the best players in the world at their disposal, including Kylian Mbappe, Antoine Griezmann, and Paul Pogba. They also have a solid defensive unit that has only conceded one goal in the tournament. However, Morocco has players who have been around for many years and know how to grind out results.

They will need to use their experience to stand any chance against France. It should be an exciting match between two very different teams. In the end, France’s quality will shine through, and they will come out victorious.

When the World Cup began, no one would have predicted that France and Morocco would meet in the semi-final. But here we are, with two very different teams going head to head. France is a team of technical marvels, with players like Kylian Mbappe and Antoine Griezmann who can produce magic moments out of nothing.

They also have a strong defence, marshalled by Raphael Varane, that has only conceded one goal so far in this tournament. Morocco, on the other hand, is a more experienced team led by captain Medhi Benatia. They’ve been impressive in this tournament, getting through the group stage unbeaten and beating Portugal in the round of 16.

However, they will need to be at their best if they want to beat France. In what promises to be an exciting match-up, it’s hard to know who will come out on top. France is the favourite, but Morocco will not be afraid to take them on.

Whoever wins this semi-final will have a challenging task ahead in the final against either Croatia or England.

Who is Predicted to Win, France Or Morocco?

Although both France and Morocco have strong football teams, France is predicted to win if the two countries were to go head-to-head. This is because France has a more experienced team, with players playing together for longer. In addition, France also has a home advantage, which could be crucial in deciding the match’s outcome.

What Time is France Vs Morocco Today?

The match between France and Morocco is scheduled to start at 3:00 pm local time today.

How Did the French Influence Morocco?

The French influence in Morocco can be traced back to the early 18th century when Morocco was a crucial player in the Barbary Coast piracy against European shipping. The French government responded by sending an expeditionary force to blockade Moroccan ports. In 1721, the Treaty of Algiers was signed, which gave France preferential treatment in Moroccan trade.

In 1830, France occupied Algeria and began looking for ways to further extend its influence into Morocco. In 1911, France invaded and occupied Morocco, establishing a protectorate over the country. The French imposed their administration, culture and education on Morocco.

However, Moroccan nationalists resisted French rule, and after World War II, France was forced to grant Morocco independence in 1956. Despite this history of conflict, France and Morocco have maintained strong economic and cultural ties. Many Moroccans live and work in France, and there is a large community of Franco-Moroccans in Paris.

There are also numerous Moroccan students studying in France.

When Did France Colonize Morocco?

France colonized Morocco in 1912. Before that, Morocco had been a protectorate of France since 1830. The French presence in Morocco began in the late 18th century when Morocco was used as a base for the Barbary Pirates.

In 1777, Moroccan pirates seized the American ship Maria and held its crew hostage for ransom. This event led to the First Barbary War between the United States and Morocco. In 1912, France formally annexed Morocco after defeating the Moroccan army in the Battle of Fez.

This marked the beginning of over 40 years of French rule in Morocco. During this time, Morocco became a critical strategic location for France due to its proximity to Spain and its role as a gateway to Africa. During this period, France invested heavily in Moroccan infrastructure and economy, but Moroccans largely resisted French cultural and political domination.

The end of French rule in Morocco resulted from World War II. In 1942, Allied forces invaded North Africa and defeated the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan). Allied forces liberated Morocco from four decades of French control as part of their victory.

In 1956, following years of nationalist unrest, Morocco regained complete independence from France.


This blog post compares and contrasts the two teams playing in the World Cup semi-final, France and Morocco. It discusses how France has a more experienced team while Morocco has more technical players. Ultimately, it predicts that France will win the match.

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